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One of the most underrated games of 2008 for me has to be Fallout3. It is a massive, warcraft style, romp through a dystopian, post nuclear holocaust future. When I say the game is vast, I mean exactly that. It is a massive sprawling landscape of mountains, streams, lakes, cities. It is full of interesting characters and frightening mutated monsters. It is genuine edge of your seat stuff. It is prone to the occasional crash on the PS3 format at least, I hope they iron these problems out soon. But otherwise it is the perfect game, allowing you to play in any way you like, as a good guy, bad guy, gun crazed psycho, etc, etc, etc. Freezing time while you zoom into a zombie, target their eyeball and blast their head clean off, I have not got bored with it yet and that is really saying something.


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